Sunday, January 15, 2006

What I learned from English Seminar??

Patience and being ernest.
It was hard for me to do homeworks everyweek. I needed a big effort to doing those homeworks. And also doing the blog was a nightmare too. I couldn't do it rapidly. I felt I have to work more harder.

How we can live happy?

You can never make the whole world happy.

But maybe you can make some people around you happy.

Then everybody tries hard to make those people happy.
Somepoeple might fight or kill people to become happy.
This can't make people happy.

So what can we do?

We can make yourself happy.

Only yourself, only think about yourself, be selfish!
The same things happen again, fightings and murderes.
This also can't make people happy.

So what we can do?

Maybe we shouldn't become happy.

Then we can all live happily.

I'm planning a trip to Holland with my friend. His parents and sister are living there because of their father's bussiness. I can stay at their house, and they might take us around somewhere exciting.

Well, my father goes to foreign countries twice a month for bussiness. Because his work is related to forign countries, I lived in America for 3 years. Therefore, our family are used to traveling to foreign countries, and traveled many places.

By the way, I have a friend who's father work for an airline company. We both have points called mailage that we can use airlines for free using the points. We want to go to Guam someday.

What I want say is, nowdays people who have fate going outside Japan have thousand of chances to travel foreign countries. But on the other hand, people who havn't those kinds of fate, don't have chances going outside Japan. Those Japanese can live only in Japan without knowing or being aware about international issues, and ignore it, living happily only by thierself. Japan is a country that those things are possible.

Things are changing, because Japan is tightly conected to the world. But still Japanese are unconcern about what is going on in the world.

Just read the newspapers, just travel outside Japan. Then you can know how a small world you were in.

Ainu people think every part of nature is a sprit, and has a name. They thank to them anytime. For example, when you have to get water from a river, first you thank to the sprit of the door saying, I'm going to the river so please protect me during my way. And you say hello to fish to ask the spirit of the river to give me fine water. Then you thank to the spirit of the river giving water, and ask for the water for today. Lastly you thank the spirit of the door again for protecting me, when you came back home.

This way of thinking is similar to Native American's culture. Of course each culture has their own characteristic, but there are many poimts cultures have in common. In diversity we have to be careful about not only the differences between us but also similalities between us. That make it more easy for us to understand different cultures.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today, I'm writting a report about the Ainu for tomorrow's class. Ainu culture is unique and interesting for me. I'll write about it tomorrow, because I have to finish this report by tomorrow, but I have just started it. See you!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm a vice‐chairperson of a committee called "innai-iinn". This is a committee that works to held tennis tournaments for Aoyama-gakuinn university's students who are joining tennis culb. We are organiging about a thousand people indirectly.

Today we went to some companies that supported us financially last year to call on them to pay our respects. I really think it's difficult to talk with a person elder than me. Even if we are making small talk, not talking about business . I have to think what we have in common, choosing the best topic making small talk. If there are things that young people know but elder people doesn't know, I have to give them more information and details about it. And if there are aomething I don't know, I have to ask them politely.

Maybe intercultural communication that Japanese call "ibunnka-comyunikeshyonn" is same like talking to elder people. We talk, and find what we have or have not in common. We can come more closer when we increse things having in common through asking questions and answering it.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Today I watched an animation at English class.
Squares and Circles started fighting because their outlook were different. They broke each other, and at the end their outlook became the same. Two groups were friends now, but at the last scene different shape appeared. It seems the fight will start again...
Yesterday's enemy is today's friend, this is a Japanese old saying. Sometimes I am doing this without thinking. For example, there is a girl I don't like, and I say bad things about her with some friends. But in another situation, I am spaking ill about another girl with the girl I first wrote that don't like. If there is a common enemy you can do well with your ex-enemy.